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Jackson & Alistair Hall

Hi, we are Jackson and Alistair and we "run" this place. You may think we are just "small fries". However, we can run circles around most people twice our size. If you want to know what is going on at the camp, how we do things here, or just general information about the camp and its surroundings just ask me, Jackson. I specialize in squeezing into places that dad can't fit. I'm also chairman of the camp welcoming committee. For "broom" guitar and vocals and general cuteness factor then look for me, Alistair. My usual camp attire is cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. Soon we will have a new mini-manager here at Lake Sallateeska, but we don't look for any real work being done by this newcomer for a long time, except making everyone want to hold him.  He is due March 23.